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Do I Need My A/C To Work In The Winter?

YES you do!

And here are two very good reasons:

The first reason is most people automatically think they only use their A/C System in the "hot" summer months.  Well that is just not true.  The S/C System actually will remove moisture from the air in your vehicle when you turn on the defroster.  This allows for the cool moist air to be "sucked" out of the vehicle while the warm dry air is blown onto the windows defrosting them.

The second reason to have a good working A/C Compressor in the winter is simply to keep your car running.  Many newer vehicles come equipped with a single serpentine belt which drives all the engine accessories such as your alternator and A/C Compressor.  If one part of that loop is not working properly it causes wear and tear on the belt and if that fails the vehicle stops running leaving the passengers stranded.