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Why Are Your Prices So Low?

How Do We Keep Our Prices So Low?

First off we are the re-manufacturer of the AC Compressors we have for sale on our website.  By being the re-manufacturer we can control costs and eliminate middleman steps which add cost to products.  Here's how a normal purchase would go: you the customer buys from a parts store, who in turn buys from a warehouse who in turn buys from a (re)manufacturer.  And in some cases there is another step if the product is coming from overseas, where the warehouse or the (re)manufacturer buys from another company and then has product shipped to them for final assembly.  With Jensen Auto, Inc. you eliminate several middlemen pricing steps, which in turn will eliminate the parts changing hands allowing us to sell the parts to you for less.

Here at Jensen Auto, Inc. the owners, management, and all of the employees are focused on deliverying the correct part the first time at a discounted prices.  This focused team work helps Jensen Auto, Inc. keep our overhead to a minimum ensuring we have the right price for you the customer.  We re-manufacture our own AC Compressors using OE parts at our Michigan USA facility ensuring we use only high quality parts.

We are a medium sized, private company headquartered in Croswell, MI, USA.  Since we are a privately owned company we do not have to answer to anyone other than the customer.  This allows us to keep quality second to none, and our prices low.

So, you're not paying for a bunch of middlemen.  You're not paying for parts that are coming from overseas, and you're not paying for an oversized office building.  What you are paying for is a high quality product that is packed and shipped with care by seasoned professionals at a better than affordable price.  Our people not only work here at Jensen Auto but they are Jensen Auto!