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Why Flush the A/C System?

Why Flush The System?

Flushing of the A/C System ensures you remove any debris and oil from the internal components and lines of the A/C System.

1.   Each individual component needs to be flushed separately.  Removal of hoses or any other devices may be needed for proper flushing.

2.   Flush system with either an approved A/C flushing agent, or an OE approved flushing agent.  Helping to get the flushing agents through the system components is a critical step, and we recommend using an approved flushing machine.  We do not recommend aerosol flushes as they are not cost effective in our opinion.  After using flushing agent use compressed air to blow any residue left behind from the flushing process.  It also helps to place your finger or a shop rag on the opposite end to create some back pressure to dislodge any debris.  It's best to perform this procedure many times in both directions to achiever the cleanest system possible.  After you believe the system is clean do it again, you can never have a clean enough A/C System.  Some condensers are very difficult to flush and may need to be replaced.  Cheaper replacing them then to have debris and burnt oil left in the system and damage new components.

3.   It is highly recommended that you DO NOT flush any of these components:  Accumulator/Drier, Compressors, Expansion Valves/Orifice Tubes and any hose assemblies that have either a muffler or a filter attached to them.  These items need to be replaced.

4.   At this point you are ready to replace any damaged components along with adding the correct type and amount of oil.  System should be evacuated and recharged per OEM guidelines.  Evacuation should be done for a minimum of one hour.  Charging capacities very from vehicle to vehicle, so it is best to charge to OEM listed capacity when available!