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   All re-manufactured parts are warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase and the customer must retain an original bill of sale/receipt.  All new parts are warranted for 12 or 24 months as stated in the listing of the product and the customer must retain an original bill of sale/receipt.  Any used units carry a 3 month warranty and the customer must retain an original bill of sale/receipt.  Labor is NOT included in any product which a warranty claim or refund is filed.  We do NOT pay labor.

   Money back refund is applicable only on unused/non-mounted units.  Otherwise only exchanges apply.

   All re-manufactured AC Compressors and clutches are top quality and completely re-manufactured at our facility in Michigan, USA.  All new units are original equipment new unless stated to be Aftermarket New replacement which means aftermarket copies.  All units are complete with clutch assembly unless otherwise stated in the listing.

Warranty Requirements:

  All units must be installed by a certified technician.  Make sure the system is thoroughly flushed, and any debris removed before the installation of a Jensen Auto, Inc. compressor.  To insure proper flushing of a system use a closed loop flushing machine with refrigerant or power flushed with an approved flush material.  You must be able to document the flushing and the replacement of components such as; evaporator, refrigerant lines, condenser, and/or drier/accumulator.

   Use of original equipment specified lubricants per vehicle application needs to also be documented.  For example the proper amount and type of PAG oil for R-134a systems and mineral oil in R-12 systems.  Also the use of the correct amount and installation technique of the refrigerant per vehicle specification is required.

   All compressors returned are tested to verify warranty claim and are dis-assembled to validate if there is any contaminates that would have occurred during the flushing or replacement of the compressor.